Destination weddings & elopementsMarije van der Leeuw


Hi! I am Marije.


In 2010 I started photographing weddings and since then I captured over 150 weddings in different countries.


Authentic weddings and elopements are my cup of tea! Especially if I get to go on a hike in nature with you to create some magical images that complement the story of your day.


Get to know marije

I love telling the story of your elopement or wedding in a laid-back way .


I want you to feel totally relaxed at your wedding or elopement, not worrying about posing or me being in your way.


This is why I am there as your friend and I will photograph your day in a candid and laid-back way.


Not only you, but also your dear friends and relatives.


I can really enjoy a wedding where you just do what suits you best.


Whether that is a fun festival, a Celtic ceremony in the woods, an intimate wedding where you eat the best Italian food with your friends in the warm sun, just the two of you with an officiant at the fjords...


And I love nature, so if you do too let's go on a small hike!

at home i like to:
  • Grow a lot of our own veggies
  • Chill out with my sweet family at the fireplace. Home sweet home!
  • Dream of a new, giant kitchen with a large table to enjoy food.
what you probably didn't know:
  • I have over 20 dresses
  • I am an army vet
  • I drive an old Saab and listen to CD's in it
My favorite country:
Definitely Norway !
on my bucket list:
  • Watch whales with my kids
  • Watch the Northern Light with Yvo in a glass igloo
  • Build a giant greenhouse in my garden like the one in Hemlock grove
Destination weddings & elopementsMarije van der Leeuw

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